Description of the sewage treatment plant STMH

All waste water (1) is drained into a sump upstream (2). Here the separation of settleable and floating solids. At the same time there will be pre wastewater anaerobic (living without air) microorganisms. Pre-treated wastewater flows into bio-spherical tank (3) with integrated secondary settlement tank.

  • all non-biodegradable substances are collected in the settling basin

  • No handling of these substances - hygienically unacceptable!!

  • as needed to export sediment bowl 1 for 3-10 years of wastewater treatment

  • completely maintenance-free operation

In bio-spherical tank is biodegradable pollution using a rotating immersion heaters - biodisks, which provides a rich input of oxygen. The pressure air supplied into the bottom of the tank while ensuring rotation biodisks. Biodisks is glued from molded plastic fins with large surface area that is used to attach components of sessile organisms.

A specially shaped biodisks during rotation biodisks provides a rich supply of oxygen while also micro-organisms in suspension. To drive biodisks air intake serves diaphragm compressor, which is located in the building or cabinet sewage plant.

  • no mortalities microorganisms because of irregular operation

  • no death of microorganisms due to the use of any soap and detergent

  • High cleaning efficiency

Thanks to the combined cleaning effect of sessile microorganisms folder on the slats biodisks microorganisms in suspension and waste water is biologically purified. Subsequently flowing mixture of purified water and microorganisms in the activated sludge in an integrated secondary settlement tank . Here takes place the gravitational separation of the activated sludge and its slipping back into space biodisks .

Treated waste water flows through the baffles (to prevent runoff floating sludge ) into the outlet , or any other use. The excess activated sludge is periodically drained air pump inlet to the sump (8). The air pump is powered by a separate diaphragm compressor or common compressor through the air valve.

  • by using the sump there is a steady supply mikrooragnismů wastewater

  • by using the sump is to dilute the impact stress or evaporation of cleaning products

  • high stability cleaning

Our membership in important associations :

Membership in the Association of Wastewater Treatment Experts , we always offer high quality , fully professional and especially correct solution in accordance with the current , eventually . prepared legislation Czech Republic.

Water Association of the Czech Republic - CzWA - CzWA brings together professionals , companies and institutions with the main objective of achieving effective and sustainable development in all areas of water management and protection of the aquatic environment .

Small domestic cleaners and separators - OS - CaO - CZWA - The Group contributes to the development of standards and regulations , their mutual harmonization and alignment with EU legislation in preparation and education experts in their spirit. The main aim of the group is to assist with the preparation and dissemination of information legislation in this part of the water .

Municipal wastewater treatment plants - small WWTP OS - Group brings together experts from different professions involved in the treatment of urban waste water . Among the members of such groups are represented in addition to wastewater operators and designers, individual and complex wastewater and also researchers from universities.

The main advantages of a wastewater treatment plant STMH

  • completely maintenance-free operation
  • high cleaning efficiency
  • high stability cleaning
  • low operating costs
  • odor, noise
  • life of 30-50years (stainless steel, plastic)

Using a wastewater treatment plant STMH

  • Villas
  • apartment buildings
  • townhouses
  • cottages with occasional traffic
  • small establishments, trade
  • hostels, family hotels, pensions
  • small campgrounds, camping
  • garden restaurant
  • mountain resort with occasional traffic

Where there was a wastewater treatment plant STMH works

  • Czech Republic - over 150 realizations
  • Germany - over 600 realizations
  • Ireland, France - over 300 realizations
  • Poland - over 200 realizations
  • America - over 250 realizations
  • Brazil, Mexico - over 250 realizations
  • Russia, Taiwan, China - over 100 realizations


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