Container sewage treatment plants

System Stählermatic ®-System (STM®-System)

It is known that the method of aeration highest influences the energy consumption of the cleaning line and creates conditions for the simplicity of the system operator side and then preferably lower personnel costs.


Currently, it appears use air or mechanically driven slow-submersible aerotorů STM® system with regard to the structure of the sludge flakes and high stability of the biological process, in particular in 2000EO and drain into small streams center.

Aerotory, sometimes also called biokontaktory consist of polar oriented chambers with considerable surface. Provide next carrier component sessile activated sludge proper input of atmospheric oxygen into the activation mixture, formation and maintenance of individual zones according to the desired values ​​of dissolved oxygen and maintaining the suspended ingredients in suspension.

It all conveniently in one tank without additional mixers, dividers, pumps, pipes and valves.


Our membership in important associations :

Membership in the Association of Wastewater Treatment Experts , we always offer high quality , fully professional and especially correct solution in accordance with the current , eventually . prepared legislation Czech Republic.

Water Association of the Czech Republic - CzWA - CzWA brings together professionals , companies and institutions with the main objective of achieving effective and sustainable development in all areas of water management and protection of the aquatic environment .

Small domestic cleaners and separators - OS - CaO - CZWA - The Group contributes to the development of standards and regulations , their mutual harmonization and alignment with EU legislation in preparation and education experts in their spirit. The main aim of the group is to assist with the preparation and dissemination of information legislation in this part of the water .

Municipal wastewater treatment plants - small WWTP OS - Group brings together experts from different professions involved in the treatment of urban waste water . Among the members of such groups are represented in addition to wastewater operators and designers, individual and complex wastewater and also researchers from universities.

Advantages of the wastewater treatment plant STM®

  • High cleaning power
  • Low el. energy 11kWh/EO.year
  • The simplicity and robustness of the technology
  • Compact shape
  • High nitrification performance
  • Obtaining funding for the implementation of sewage

Interesting - download

Container sewage treatment plant - technology STM® - Chateau Štiřín (698kb)

Intensive fish farming system STM®

Due to the high cleaning performance, low power consumption. energy and simple and robust technology as container wastewater treatment plant STM® is very often used in the construction of intensive fish farms - this is verified and guaranteed the highest quality and effectiveness of container wastewater treatment STM®.

Using wastewater treatment plant STM®

  • Pensions, hotels, hostels
  • Restaurants, canteens
  • Dairies, processing companies
  • Intensive fish farming
  • Municipalities
  • and other objects or units to 100.000EO

Introducing the wastewater treatment plant STM®